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About Us

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Thumb Greens was born out of a desire to help traditional offline businesses take their business online, which is where the future lies. TG is a digital marketing agency that specialises in simple but powerful communication to the right audience, and we're always looking for a challenge.

Thumb Greens was founded in early 2019, but wasn't registered until later that year. It is a love for plants and gardening that is the origin of the name. Businesses are much like plants, if you think about it - they need daily attention, regular application of fertiliser, pruning is a way to keep them healthy, sometimes medication is required if something goes wrong, and you've got to communicate with them for the best results. Do everything right, and you'll get to see the fruit (or flowers, as the case may be) of your labour.

Thumb Greens has taught us more than we could have imagined in the short while that we have been developing it, and while there have been days that make us question our sanity in taking the plunge, the happiness in a client's appreciation always reminds us why we do what we do. 

Our hope and dream is that Thumb Greens grows to provide growth in turn for countless businesses, while educating its clients to the limitless possibilities of the Internet, when used correctly.

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